Using Photography To Change The World

Using Photography To Change The World

Meet Hugues Mfumu - a sports photographer looking to use his gift to empower those that need it in our beautiful game.

We first got introduced to Hugues when he covered PARK's collaboration with Capital Girls League in London.

Buoyed by our movement, Hugues has gone on to become a great ambassador for the brand through his work. We caught with him to talk about his brilliant work, his passion for the game and why he believes football can change the world.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Hugues Mfumu. Born and raised in Congo - Kinshasa, I am a sports photographer based in London.

What are your earliest memories of football?

My earliest memories of football are watching the local children making footballs out of plastic bags and playing with them in the streets. It was a common thing growing up in the Congo.

My dad also gave us old video tapes of previous World Cups to watch. That’s how I started following European teams and players.

Your photography focuses quite a bit on grassroots football; what does the grassroots game mean to you and the wider community?

I have a deep passion for grassroots football because it brings me back to my childhood in the Congo where children who love football were left behind by society.

Football was often an escape for those that were left behind by society. Beginning by documenting their experiences, stories and journey helped to raise awareness.

Through my work I have seen people show these kids much love and respect, and social media has played such a significant role in this.

I believe that by continuing to document the grassroots experience - back home and here in the UK today - I will be able to shed light on issues that might otherwise go unspoken about.

How does our Pass-a-ball Project further contribute to this? What drew you to the brand?

What drew me to the brand was the story around the football. How when one was purchased; another was passed to a kid in need. It was a powerful message.

I decided to get on board as that sentiment matched my own belief; that football has the power to champion and transform lives across the world.

Can football change the world?

I deeply believe so.

Football has so much influence, it is the biggest sport in the world.

Billions of pounds are being spent within the footballing industry, that money can be used for a much better cause.

That's why our jobs as storytellers has never been more important than it is now.

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