We are the official ball of a country!

We are the official ball of a country!

PARK and San Marino Football begin a partnership like no other.

We are proud to announce that PARK are now the official ball partner for San Marino Football Federation.

A partnership two years in the making, San Marino wanted a ball that would not only match their sporting ambitions but also honoured and reflected their football culture.

However, for many federations, product and design are often templated. There is no room for originality or creativity. Having passed balls to over 35 countries, we know that every country has a unique culture and story to tell.

So meet the Titanico739 football – named after San Marino’s iconic Monte Titano that sits 739 meters above sea level.

It’s colours are inspired by the natural beauty of San Marino, where bright blue skies and golden limestone are often the backdrop to daily life. Oak leaves pay tribute to the wreath that surrounds the San Marino coat of arms.

Subtle wind lines and contrasting organic shapes make the flight of the ball visible in motion.

With never seen before design, we’ve changed the game.

This represents the beginning of our next chapter here at PARK.

It’s the same one for one impact, now FIFA Pro Certified - uniquely made for San Marino and beyond.


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