What is PARK?
PARK is the impact-driven sportswear brand. We partner with charities and organizations that want to level the playing field, on initiatives that benefit refugees and people seeking asylum, at-risk youth, abandoned children and girls around the world.

How are you doing this?
From poverty to climate change, our goal is to use the power of football to tackle global issues. We do this through the Pass-a-ball Project and a commitment to making the most sustainable products we can.

What is the Pass-a-ball Project?
When you buy a ball, we pass another to a player in need around the world. It's our way of levelling the playing field. All through a simple act: You buy one. We donate one.

Why football?
Sport has the power to create enduring social impact. For so many, it provides a place to grow, learn and connect. A common language that requires nothing more than a ball, we believe that football can change the world.