How powerful is a ball really?

How powerful is a ball really?

A nationwide partnership between PARK and Street Soccer USA will make sure kids can keep doing what they do best - play.

Two like minded brands dedicated to creating meaningful social change through soccer, PARK and Street Soccer USA (SSUSA) are excited to announce their latest partnership.

PARK is the impact football brand for people and the planet, and have recently launched the world’s first carbon negative football.

They will now be SSUSA’s official football supplier; providing balls for all 22/23 programs that operate in 16 cities across the United States.

This is made possible through PARK’s Pass-a-ball Project, where one ball is passed for every ball purchased. PARK has passed over 10,000 balls globally through this program.

This partnership will see an initial 1200 balls passed to the kids taking part in SSUSA’s programs, removing 6,000Kg of C02 Emissions in the process!

Every ball passed comes directly from the PARK community, further enabling their mission - to fight poverty and empower underserved communities through soccer.

Street Soccer USA is a national nonprofit dedicated to fighting poverty and strengthening community through soccer.

Building and supporting grassroots programs in the least served neighborhoods across the country, SSUSA increases access to the world's most popular game and uses soccer as a tool for youth and community development.

“At Street Soccer USA we believe the ball is the teacher and the players have the answers. This partnership with PARK is about our values.” said Street Soccer USA President and Founder, Lawrence Cann

“We believe the future of soccer in America is more inclusive, more diverse, and social impact driven. We’re excited to work with PARK to bring this reality to bear.”

A limited number of collaborative soccer balls will also be released to celebrate the partnership. Every PARK football locks away 5kg of CO2e, offsetting more than the amount of carbon emitted during the manufacturing process.

These balls will be no different.

Through this unique collaboration, PARK founder Sam Davy is excited to see football used as a vehicle for change across the country.

“Football is a powerful tool to create impact and we are thrilled by this partnership with Street Soccer USA, who are taking active steps to create meaningful social and environmental outcomes.

“Through this partnership, our goal is to use the power of football to tackle these global issues and level the playing field. This means vital equipment reaches those that need the game the most – and it all begins with a kick of the ball.”

If you want to continue supporting SSUSA and the work they do, simply grab a PARK ball today!

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