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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

You’ve kicked our ball, worn our shirts, and you too believe that soccer can in fact, change the world. But what does the name PARK actually mean?







Regardless of where you are in the world, you know a park when you see one.

Often, they are surrounded by densely populated housing. There might be a playground that is packed after school. There might also be a water tap off to the side, to quench your thirst after an intense game of 5-a-side.

That being said, a park can be anything and can be found anywhere. A park can be a sandy beach in Rio de Janeiro, an asphalt square in New York or a dusty patch in Kampala. It can be a small parking lot or an open stretch of land.

Growing up in Singapore, the park was sometimes the communal area outside the elevators of our condominiums. Sure, there was a sign that said “NO KICKING BALLS” - but that never stopped us.

In fact my earliest memory is one of my Dad, teaching me how to kick a football in that communal area. I can see it now, my little baby legs trying so hard to coordinate and put foot to ball. I believe it was in that moment, he gifted me with his love and passion for the game.

See, the word PARK sums us up perfectly.

It is where our game exists in its purest form. There’s no politics, no affiliations at the park. It is a living symbol of shared play, where people can come together and escape the real world, even for a moment.

The park is a communal space where everybody is welcome. Here, you get the opportunity to meet lots of different people from all walks of life. I remember meeting people from my block down at the park only to find out that we actually lived a couple floors apart. It is here you share experiences, mischief and advice. It becomes a space of support and human connection.

But the park also exists as a commitment.

A commitment by all to preserve the park for what it is; a collective space for communal activity and play. 

Nothing more, nothing less.

And that commitment is what we strive to uphold here at PARK.

To celebrate the unifying passion of football;

To create a platform for equal opportunity;

To empower all to play the game we love.

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