PARK turn one million games of fifa carbon negative

PARK turn one million games of fifa carbon negative

One week. One hundred tonnes of carbon stopped.

This week, we are proud to launch a world first activation in FIFA22. For our Featured Squad Battle, we’ve selected a team of goalkeepers - PARK’s Save the Planet XI ⚽

From the 21st to the 28th of March, every game played against PARK’s Save the Planet XI will lock away 100g carbon.

Our goal: to lock away 100 tonnes of carbon over the seven days.

How does this work?

  • We’ve partnered with C2Zero, a purpose driven company with a mission to stop pollution. They enable brands like us to take away the permits big polluters use when they pollute.

  • There is a finite pool of these permits. C2Zero raid the pool that these big polluters purchase from.

  • So if there are 100 permits in a pool and we take 10, there are only 90 left for the polluters to pollute with. Therefore forcing them to change their polluting ways.

  • They take these permits and (figuratively) cut them up, putting pieces onto goods and services.

  • For the FIFA22 activation, every game played against the PARK team will have a piece of an emissions permit embedded in it, locking away carbon that will never enter the atmosphere.

So fire up FIFA22, play some games and stop carbon from entering the atmosphere.

Using #PARKTAKETHEGLOVE - tag us in the games you play and challenge your community to do the same.

Together, football can change the world ⚽️

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