Out on loan: Pride Month 2022 in LA

Out on loan: Pride Month 2022 in LA

More than a month, it’s a way of life.

To celebrate Pride Month 2022, we got in touch with LA Creative and Angel City Football Club Host and Creator, Fish.

Their mission - to show everyone here at PARK what Pride means and how soccer can become a safe space for meaningful change.

So together with their friends, Fish has captured momentary snapshots into the burgeoning nexus of football and LA's LGBTQ+ community.


With Jay Lynn Gomez (she/her)

What does pride mean to you?

Pride means not hiding.

It's the inner voice that tells me I can hold my head high and walk into my fears when all I want to do is look down and avoid them.

It is the feeling I have now, supported by my friends and family living in what once was only my dream.

With Fish (they/them)


How has the game welcomed/empowered you on your journey in the LGBTQ+ community?

The game has been the thread in my life that has always kept me connected to my sense of self. When I was lost internally growing up, the field was where I found presence in the moment and was able to express myself fully.
Then in college it was my football family who were there to celebrate and love me when I first came out. I had so much anxiety the night before I told my teammates, and their reaction was the opposite of all my fears.
They met me with love and that was a gift I will forever feel gratitude for.

With Jackie Guerra (she/her)

How can we build the game to be a safe and inclusive space for our LGBTQ+ community?

We must be brave enough to create brands that embody the intention of non-binary, gender free soccer leagues and apparel.

Diversity is good.

And it’s healthy to be YOU.


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