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park ssc

PARK SSC is an independent social action football brand. We make beautiful game changing gear that creates a positive impact on and off the pitch. We believe the world’s most beloved sport can be the world’s most powerful catalyst for social impact. Through charitable partnerships, every product we make enriches the lives of kids in need. Through education, we strive to inspire every player to join us on our mission to give every kid in the world the opportunity to play the beautiful game.






it's all in the name

‘PARK’ is the place where the beautiful game exists in its purest form. A melting pot, where different cultures, beliefs and genders play together and are accepted equally. Play with friends, make new ones – in the PARK.






The eye

Our motif, the eye, represents our ability as humans to see past stereotypes and beyond what is directly in front of us. To create positive change we must imagine the future we want, then take the necessary steps to make it a reality.